A Summer Meadow

The weather there in Italy has been great lately. It’s sunny, it’s not too hot, and it’s perfect for outdoor activities and photography. Here are some of the photos I took last weekend. I hope your weekend was as good! :)

Summer Meadow Story
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How did I edit photos? I adjusted colors and sharpened each photo in CS5. That’s it. :)


  1. Susan says

    Oh I would LOVE to visit Italy. My son got to, and LOVED it.

    Have a blessed day.

    Your girl is precious…

  2. Mira says

    Susan, thanks for stopping by! Italy is a beautiful country and I am sure your son had fun here! On the girl note, she is precious indeed but she's not my kid. Her mom was my maternity model so I took a few shots of hers girls too. :)

  3. Salma says

    these pictures are wonderful! :) and the girl is sooo pretty – i also wanted to ask, if she's your daughter, but she's obviously not ;-)

    i've been to italy several times and every time was very special. last time my family and i visited "la serenissima" – venezia – and it was gorgeous :)

    hai una buona sera!

  4. Mira says

    Thanks, Salma! Oh, I know it so well…. There is only one Venezia! :)
    Grazie e buona serata a te!

  5. Mira says

    Ashley, thanks. I love the warmth as well. The later we went into the afternoon the more golden the light got. That's one of the things I love here in Italy – the light. :)

  6. LM photografic says

    i like the choice of location, colors are great here and this little girl is so beautiful :)

  7. forgetmenot says

    These are lovely photos–such a sweet little girl, and the color, shadows, lighting all add to the excellent shots. Mickie

  8. Kristen (Creative Stash) says

    What a beautiful day and lovely photos. The colors just pop, splendid!