Five Great Ways to Pose a Woman

March turned out to be a very slow blogging month and let me warn you – next couple of months will be even slower. Not that things in the offline life are that slow, they are quite fast-paced and life changing but I don’t want to burden you with my offline stories. :) Anyway, I miss being around here in the blogosphere and interacting with dear bloggers.  When it comes to photography, I am currently focusing on learning everything I can about posing people. If photography is an art, posing people is an artistic skill that takes some serious learning.

I’ve spent a couple of weekends learning from portrait and posing masters: Sue Bryce and Bambi Cantrell. What have I learned? A lot. I can tell you that my knowledge has increased so much that now I am not very proud of most of photos I took in the past. I always paid attention to poses but it took me six days with these two brilliant photographers at to learn how much I have yet to learn. I wrote about creativeLive awesomeness at My Weekend With creativeLive and Taking Pictures of Toddlers.

The best way to learn how to pose people is  by doing it. So, here’s several photos I took last week and five different poses I used. The common thing about these portraits is that I tried to get things done right in the camera and to reduce the editing process. The benefit of posing your clients correctly is that photos look better right away and you don’t have a need to spend hours on editing. I spent a couple of minutes on editing each of these photos and I was able to deliver photos the same day. How awesome is that?

Pose 1: Shoot from above. This pose works really well for curvy girls. It also emphasizes eyes.

Posing Tips

Pose Two and Three: Pay attention to her arms and hands. Use arms to cover parts you want to hide and use hands to bring attention to parts you want to emphasize. Make sure her fingers are curved and relaxed and that her hand is placed in a way that looks natural. It’s all in hands! Always double check her hands.

Model Posing Tips

Live, Love, Travel

Pose Four: Bring one leg to the front to create a curve. Some photographers avoid shooting straight on believing it makes people look bigger. It’s true a person will look bigger if you shoot him or her straight on. But if you bring one leg to the front that will create an attractive feminine curve. This pose works excellent with any woman.

Additionally, place one hand high on her waist to create an illusion of a smaller waist (waist can never be too small, right?) and make sure the other hand is placed asymmetrically down.

Pose Five: Arch her back to create a curve. Pose Five is basically same as our Pose Four: notice that arms and hands are in same places. This pose works great with any woman too.


Posing tips for photographers

So, what else to keep in mind when posing people? 

1. Unless your client is a model, she does not know what to do in front of the camera. You need to show your client how to pose and what to do.

2. In order to show her where/ how to place her arms, hands, legs, and everything else, you need to know what you want your photo to look like (and even more importantly – what your client wants!). For instance, I wanted to tell a story of a hot teacher with the Pose #2 (above). However, I did not want to show off her breast. I decided to use her arm to cover her breasts to avoid “I tried too hard” look which could end up looking sort of cheap. The photo on the right (Pose #3 above) is telling a story of a next-door girl who is proud of herself but is not trying too hard to tell that.  Does that make sense?

3. Whatever you do, minimize editing and never change your clients shape/ look unless they ask you to. If your clients is a curvy girl, she knows that and she loves her curves so don’t try to make her something she’s not. Instead, use posing as a tool to capture more flattering angles and parts she likes.

4. There is a flattering pose for anyone, you just have to find it.

Finally, both of these gorgeous backdrops are from Backdrop Outlet and I love them!

How do you tackle posing part of photography and what are your tips?


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    these are great tips! I have sooo much trouble posing people. I usually look at my favorite photography blogs before a shoot for inspiration, and write down some posing ideas and bring it with me so I don’t forget!

  2. says

    This ia very good post Mira.
    I have only taken pictures of the family and not many of that either – I have daughters that don’t like getting their pictures taken, can you believe that? Maybe I’ll take some of these techniques and convince them that they can look good. Thanks for the help!!!

    • says

      Ellie, the only family member that allows me to take her photos is my 3 years old niece. Other than that, I have not really got a chance to take photos of other family members. Can you believe that? LOL Family members are hard to work with. :)

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    Odličan post Mira!
    Nikad nisam znala pozirati i ne volim se fotkati, mislim da baš i nisam fotogenična.:)

    Veliki pozdrav i svrati do mene kad stigneš, pusa!:)

  4. lisa says

    Mira, these are wonderful photos, and as always thank you for the fantastic tips!
    Happy Spring to you!

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    Thank you so much for the great tips! They are going to be put to great use.
    I have a big family and most of my sisters and friends are bigger girls who love to get their pictures taken… these tips will definitely do much difference in the way i position many of them, as well as my models and clients. Again, thanks a ton!