How to Cut Text Out of an Image?

Guest Post Last week I got an e-mail from Sarah asking me how I created the small icon (on the right) I use to mark posts by guest bloggers. What she wanted to know is how I wrote “Guest Post” using a pattern as she would like to create something similar for her scrapbook. She would like to cut text out of an image to use it for headlines and titles. I promised to write a post about it and here it is. Although this may look difficult to create, it is actually pretty simple if you have Adobe Photoshop. All you have to do is to use the Type Mask Tool.

There is probably a different way to do this but here’s how I do it:

  1. Open the photo you would like to use for your text in Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Duplicate the layer (Ctrl/Command+J)
  3. Select the Type Mask Tool from the tool bar; it’s usually hidden under the regular Type Tool (T).
  4. Decide which part of the photo you would like to use for your text and start typing on that part of the image. The image will look like this:

Type Mask Tool Photoshop

             5. Once you typed your text, click on the Rectangular Marguee Tool at the top of the tool bar to select/ outline the text.

            6. Now right-click the mouse to get a menu. Select the “Select Inverse” option. This wil select everything on that layer except your text.

            7. Hit “Delete” on your keyboard to delete the selected part. This will leave you with your text only. Now you can move this text around your image or copy it to another document.That’s it! Now you have beautiful text (that relates to your photos) to enhance your images.

        Type Mask Tool Photoshop 

Besides playing with Type Mask Tool, I also played with Topaz filters for this image. I applied DeGrunge filter (Part of the Clean Plug-In) to bring out more detail and I have to say I love it. It is super easy to use it and gives a nice final touch. You can download free trials at Topaz website but you should know that you cannot use this product if you do not have Adobe Photoshop. Topaz filters are plug-ins for Photoshop.

Topaz Clean Plug-In

Topaz Clean Plug-In

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  1. I’ve always wondered how to do that! Great tip! Love your peach photos too!

  2. I’ve always wondered how to do that! Great tip! Love your peach photos too!

  3. Sarah W. says:

    Mira, thank you so much for this tutorial! Indeed, it does not seem very difficult. I cannot wait to start using this.

  4. Thank you for this very instructive tutorial. Your explanations are quite easy to follow and the results look great!.

    I have only just joined your mailing list but I can already tell that photography means a lot to you from the care you put into it.

  5. This has been “pinned”! Thank you!

  6. I have always loved this effect but only tried it a couple times! So cool!

  7. Great tip, and beautiful photos! Thanks for a really helpful post, I always look forward to reading your tips!

  8. What a great tutorial, Mira! I can’t wait to try it out. I love your photo too :)

  9. Pretty cool. I’ve done this other ways, but this is so simple. Never even realized the tool was there! Thanks for the tutorial.