Six Photography Trends We Love!

Guest PostWith evolution of digital technology there has been a rapid expansion in the resources for photography. This new shift in the world of photography has not only made it more exciting but more creative and easy at the same time. The new technology has brought new trends in the world of digital photography and here are few of the recent and forthcoming photography trends that we love…
1. iPad and iPhone
With the technology where one can just do whatever he or she wants instantly on the web, phone or a computer the iPad (and iPhone) is a step ahead. If one wishes to edit the photo there and then wherever it is clicke, iPad gives photographer a freedom to do that. As iPad is gaining stream, more and more tools and editing software is becoming available to photographers. Even Adobe has released a touch version of Photoshop (Mira mentioned that in Photoshop for iPad ) earlier this year. For those who want to edit and share photos on the go, iPad (and even iPhone) is probably #1 on their gadgets wish list.

Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad


2. Full Frame Cameras
Photography industry has modified and improved digital cameras by developing full frame DSLRs. Full frame DSLRs are solidified with full frame which makes them equivalent to the 35mm SLRs. This technology has completely overtaken the “film” and has come to a point where it is affordable to all, regardless which camera brand you stick too. Unlike full frame DSLRs, regular DSLR, popularly called “entry level” DSLRs, have smaller sensors than a full 35mm frame. One of the biggest advantages of full frame DSLRs is that wide-angle lenses designed for full frame on the full frame DSLR keep that wide angle of the view, unlike smaller frame DSRLs and we love that!

Camera Sensor Sizes

3. Shoot and Point Digital Single-Lens Reflex Cameras
Shoot and Point DSLR cameras are half the weight of the regular DSLR camera and yet produce almost as quality photos. That feature ranks them high on every aspiring photographer’s wish list. We love it when things are easier to carry and have more features. These cameras are a must buy as they have the desired capability at much lower price than heavyweight DSLRs.
4. High Dynamic Range Photography
HDR or High Dynamic Range Photography is one of the concepts that seem to have a constant place in the workflow of photographers. HDR is a photography method where you combine a few images into one photograph and each photo is taken at a different exposure (usually -2, 0, and 2). Using photo-editing software these images are merged which results in a dynamic image with a range of elements, scenes which lie in the shadows and highlights. Steve Rich wrote the The Old Mill – My trip into HDR Photography for Mira’s blog a while ago, check it out.

The Old Mill

Copyright Steve Rich

 5. Videos

One of the recent trends in photography which has combined both the still photography cameras and video shooting cameras is here – it is digital video. The digital video is quite affordable and available to photographers these days since many newer DSLRs are equipped for proper video shooting with High Definition. We just love the fact that we have this feature available on our cameras even if we don’t use it that often.
6. Black and White Photography
Finally, although new trends in digital photography have increased the enthusiasm of photographers and have promoted new digital photography possibilities, there are still photographers who are very much into classic black and white photography. Even though almost every camera allows photographers to shoot black and white in-camera, editing software has taken black and white photography to the next level. All the photo-editing software that is available on the market today, provide hobbyist, aspiring, and professional photographers with new tools to make their work more effective and more beautiful – and that’s why we love this trend!

Copyright Adam Ansel

These trends that we love are a good sign of forthcoming photography trends because one is sure – with digital photography – photography trends and possibilities will keep growing daily. The promising new inventions have changed the image of photography and will just keep on making it better with time.

What is your favorite photography trend?